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About The Label Hub

Hey There! My name is Rima.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to The Label hub! 

If you need a little organisation in your life then you have come to the right place! Here at The Label Hub, we offer a range of personalised products to suit your budget and style. 

Have a look through our wide range of quality decals for the pantry, laundry, toy room and bathroom. If you can label it, we can do it! 

Need a gift? We have you sorted! Browse through our personalised insulated drink bottles, travel mugs and gift hampers! 

We also stock lanyards, car decals and plaques that can be personalised. Of course,  these are just a few!

How The Label Hub Was Created:

I am a primary school Teacher and first started The Label Hub in 2018 when i wanted to create personalised end of the year gifts for my class. 

Organisation has always been important to me as space was limited at home so I started to label and categorise everything.

Once something is labelled, it has a home and makes it simple to put back. No more procrastinating about tidying up. It is also stylish and functional.

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