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Fabric Wall Decals



Create a beautiful watercolour wonderland with our easy to use fabric wall decals.

Boho Balloons
Bows & Florals
Fairy Garden 1
Hot Air Balloon Blue
Hot Air Balloon Pink
Little Town
Out Of Space
Retro Bike Aqua
Retro Bike Blue
Retro Bike Green
Retro Bike Pink
Retro Bike Purple
Safari Adventure 1
Spring Florals
Under the sea

Create a beautiful watercolour wonderland with our easy to use fabric wall decals. Choose from either a small sheet (48cm x 60cm) or a large sheet (2x 48cm x 60cm). Most sheets come in small or large except for the fairy garden and safari adventure which are only available in large. Please note, when you choose the large option, you will be receiving 2 sheets that are the same which can be used for a fuller look on your wall.

* Quick installation, just peel and stick.

* Cut from specialised fabric specifically designed for home décor – removable and repositionable.

* Matte finish

* Easily removable without causing wall damage.

Our fabric is a peel & stick, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. It can be installed on almost any surface and remain adhered in all indoor weather conditions. It’s patented dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or loss of stick ability.

Please Note: Wall must smooth and not textured ie. rough concrete, rendered brick wall, wash & wear paint or wall with bubble paint. Only apply to a smooth, dry and clean surface.

Always prep your surface by giving it a wipe down (as any dust can create air bubbles) with sugar soap wipes or a damp cloth, allow to dry completely. Do not use harsh chemicals as this can affect the adhesive. Do not remove off backing until you are ready to stick. 

If you have freshly painted walls, please wait at least 30 days for paint to outgas before applying decals.

Please note that the bike decal will not have the fabric cut out of the wheels in between each spoke. If you are adhering this image to a white wall, it will not be obvious unless sticking to a coloured wall.

Approximate Decal Dimensions (decals ranging from these dimensions on the sheet)

Under the sea-  decals ranging from approximately 25cm high – 4 cm high

Spring florals- decals ranging from approximately  19cm high – 6cm high

Safari adventure- decals ranging from approximately  36cm high – 7cm high

Rainbows- decals ranging from approximately  21cm high – 3.5cm high

Out of space- decals ranging from approximately 28cm high – 5cm high

Little town- decals ranging from approximately 41cm high- 6cm high

Hot air balloon pink- decals ranging from approximately 30cm high – 6cm high

Hot air balloon blue- decals ranging from approximately  31cm high – 5cm high

Fairy garden- decals ranging from approximately 40cm high- 6cm high

Construction- decals ranging from approximately 16cm high- 5cm high

Florals and bows- decals ranging from approximately  18cm high- 6cm high

Boho balloons- decals ranging from approximately 23cm high – 12cm high

Retro bike- decals ranging from approximately 44cm high- 5.5cm high


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Small (1 sheet), Large (2 sheets)


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